Hassle-free Informed Consent

Truxent is a platform that fills the gap in communication between doctors and patients when obtaining consent for medical treatment.


Truxent provides the patient with a standardized, simple easy to follow review of the potential
risks and benefits of a procedure.


Truxent allows the doctor to provide standardized, easily and repeatedly accessible


Truxent decreases the risk of liability by failure of inform to both the provider and facility.


Informed Consent

An informed consent is not a signed piece of paper. It is the process of obtaining an agreement that is the result of a discussion that includes an exchange of information. The discussion must be specific to the patient and the process of obtaining consent must directly address the needs of the patient.

Healthcare providers have a legal and ethical duty to follow the process of obtaining consent without leaving out any of the core elements. Every patient has the right to consent or decline treatment after they have been properly informed.